Naturebased Wellness Therapy

Nature-based Wellness Therapy, or Ecotherapy, uses nature to aid people’s mental and physical wellbeing. 

Addiction/substance abuse

abuse is a disorder where an individual has become dependent on drugs, alcohol, or both.

Addiction to multiple substances

Addiction to multiple substances is a huge issue in the U.S. One way to tackle it is through counseling.

Counseling Process

A trained pro is needed to help the individual recognize their motivations & areas of conflict.


Coaching Services for Personal Growth

Attention! We are NOT accepting new clients for counseling with substance misuse or mental health. After reviewing each instance, we’ll consider coaching services. Insurance won’t be billed for this service. Thanks a lot! Justine Commerce, Charlotte Test, and Dr. Timothy

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We are here for you if you found us by chance and are looking for advice on moving forward on your path to improved health and living. We provide:

High school student “John” has had behavioral issues, PTSD, and chronic anxiety since he was a small boy. He struggles to go to school in the mornings and frequently skips class. He often feels alone and struggles to connect with his peers. While growing up in an oppressive home, John witnessed “things” and endured physical and emotional abuse. He claims that most children his age could not even comprehend the horror he had gone through.

What we do

Learn about His Five Resources to Use.

Whether you are a business owner searching for ways to save costs while also worrying about the health and welfare of your employees, or perhaps you are worried about how your employees interact with one another and management. We can assist! For you and your staff, we provide health coaching programs for wellness. Also, we provide team-building activities that incorporate mindfulness, nature-based fitness, and equine-assisted learning.

Motivational Interviewing

MI lessens resistance to change and helps to identify ambivalence about making changes.

Interpersonal Therapy

This can give people a lasting calmness which is essential for maintaining a healthy lifestyle without substances.

Treating addiction

Treating addiction can be tough. Yet, it is achievable with the assistance of addiction/substance abuse counseling.

Family Counseling

Family members can learn how it affects them, and get resources to manage family conflict.

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Dealing with Co-Occurring Disorders

It is estimated that around 50% of individuals with substance abuse issues also have a mental health disorder.

Mental health issues that may be present alongside addiction include:


Depression is a common mental health disorder that can affect a person's thoughts, emotions, and physical health.


Anxiety is a typical response to stress, but when it disrupts daily life, it can be a mental health condition.

Eating disorders

Eating disorders are significant mental illnesses that cause eating abnormalities and body image issues.

Finding Support

Finding a local support group is essential for addiction/substance abuse recovery.

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